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I want to go to Venice Carnival 2018

The Venice Carnival is just a dream for anyone who will never travel to Venice. But then there are many people eager to experience on their skin the costumes of the XVII-XVIII centuries, thus being part of a Carnival which happens in Venice every year. Partecipating in this Carnival basically means being ready to play a character and to enjoy it. Venice is the most incredible stage to dress up with a costume and a mask to walk over its bridges, along its canals. We are locals in love Venice and its Carnival. We know the magic of the most beautiful Carnival in the world and we want to keep it alive with its ancient energies. We are an agency specialised in the Venice Carnival. From The Essence of Venice Carnival, Mónica del Canal and her team wants to make you a proposal for the next Carnival 2017: Dress up with a beautiful costume Choose a nice mask Organise all accessories: wig, make up...whatever you need to became your character. Go to a private party in a Palazzo. You can choose the dates of February the 18th or the 25 Make an exclusive tour in a luxury motor boat Contact us: [email protected]

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