La essencia de Venecia

The carnival's essence

Welcome to the real Venetian Carnival

Be ready to live your day dream. This is your way into the Venetian Carnival Essence in which you are invited to live an unforgettable experience. We offer ALL you need to experience the most magical carnival around the world!

Agency specialized in the Venice Carnival set in the 17th and 18th centuries. Years of experience in the selection of the best private mask parties and in the rental of the real Venetian period costumes we offer personalized programs to enjoy the authentic Venice Carnival.

Venetian Carnival Essence informs you: once you have chosen your costume, everything will start to happen magically…MG del Canal.


The dates for the Venice Carnival 2023 are from February 4 (Saturday) to February 21 (Tuesday); Although the main period of the Carnival is from February 10 till 21th, 2022. Reservations open from April 2022.

Although nowadays, most of the events are private balls, we want to show you some secrets which may interest you:


This is the best moment to get to know the city: travel all over the neighbourhood and its canals; (“sestiere”), discover the artisan and enjoy their works, choose the best mask for you, contemplate Venice with a unique luxury boat-tour, take the venetian appetizer called Cichetti+Spritz


During the Carnival evenings in XVII century, meetings were celebrated after the meal. Today, you can attend one of these meetings with your period costume. While there, you can admire the scenery, seduce and let yourself be seduced, chat with friends, dance with the master; the sound of music, and more… Every sunset, you can find actors and actresses dressed with amazing custoumes and masks. Very gently, they will pose for you and other photographers. If you go in costume, you will certainly pose with them…


Anything is possible on Carnival nights. The Carnival itself means letting-go and abandoning oneself to play, freedom, transgression and good-willed madness. Palaces opens their courtyards to celebrations and there is music and dancing all day and night in the alleyways, small squares and even on the water. Venice is alive with sound and colour. We suggest you: imagine being the protagonist in an exciting party where you can immerse yourself in the Carnival. Moreover, going over the narrow streets with your hat, your mask and your Venetian veneer will let you feel the mystery in every corner of Venice.


More often, our packs are received as a gift for the special one in your life. Enjoy the period costumes, a short walk in the streets, masquerade balls, the music and dances, a boat tour, even a gondola trip through the canals.

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