Welcome to the authentic Venetian Carnival 2025

The Carnival's essence

Venetian Carnival Experts set in the XVII-XVIII centuries

Welcome to the authentic Venetian Carnival 2025

Be ready to live your day dream. From this moment the Venetian Carnival Essence invites you to live an unforgettable experience: imagine entering a painting from the 17th century in the first person. We offer all you need to experience the most magical carnival around the world!

Agency specialized in the Venice Carnival set in the 17th and 18th centuries; years of experience in the selection of the best private masquerade parties and in the rental of the real Venetian period costumes. We offer personalized programs to enjoy the esssence of the Venice Carnival.

We will be your contact and we will personally provide you with the key to be a protagonist in costume and enjoy in the best masquerade ball.

Venetian Carnival Essence informs you: once you have chosen your costume, everything will start to happen magically…MG del Canal.


If you want to surprise someone special contact us and tell us what you dream of

When is the VENICE CARNIVAL 2025 ?

The dates for the Venice Carnival 2025 are from February 15th (Saturday) to March 4th (Tuesday); Although the main period of the Carnival is from February 19th till March 4th, 2025. Reservations open from July 2024.

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¿Cómo eras hace 300 años?

Una de las experiencias más interesantes que ofrece el Carnaval de Venecia es poder vestirse con una traje de época y disfrutar por sus puentes y canales: imaginando, soñando, interpretando, etc. Lo realmente increible es que Venecia te regala el escenario para que cada uno le de vida.

Venice Carnival 2024

Gran baile de máscaras 2024 en Venecia … Conviene comenzar planificar el próximo Gran baile de máscaras en Venecia. Fechas que se celebrará un baile de máscaras: 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 y 13 de febrero 2024. Con sólo 3 noches en Venecia es posible vivir la esencia del carnaval:


More often, our packs are received as a gift for the special one in your life. Enjoy the period costumes, a short walk in the streets, masquerade balls, the music and dances, a boat tour, even a gondola trip through the canals.