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Experts in Venice Carnival

Agency specialized in international cultural events: People XXIV LTD

15 years ago, I began offering the Essence of the Venice Carnival in the first person and every year I return with more enthusiasm to share very special moments with my friends, collaborators and clients. I offer the experience of Venice Carnival because still preserve its own soul and evoke emotions even with the passage of time. You will know the Carnival as it is but from a privileged point of view (as if you were an “insider”). I invite you to participate in it without having to worry about anything. They are years of experience offering an exquisite selection of "what is necessary" in each event so that it remains in our memory as "that endearing trip".

I am a nomad, I like to follow the trail of the "authentic" and I seek to live intensely real stories: not easy but still possible. I never thought it was easy but I know it is possible. I believe there are elements that cannot be neglected when trying to live an unforgettable experience:
“Because it does matter where you sleep,
because it does matter what you eat,
because it does matter where to go and who you spend your time with”.

I believe that “personalized care” is the essential ingredient to make the different.

All my suggestions to live the Carnival of Venice have my personal signature. They have been created by people who do care, who love, respect and admire Venice and the venetians. My aim is to put our grain of sand in to keep the Essence of Venetian Carnival alive. MG del Canal

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