Regata storica

Venice historical Regatta

Regata storica

Venice Historical Regatta

Every year, on the first Sunday of September, the Historical Regatta comes back in Venice.
This event is comprised of two separate moments: the historic parade and the competitive regattas.
The historic parade re-enacts the water parade organized in 1496 to celebrate the return to Venice of Caterina Cornaro marking the beginning of the Serenissima rule over the Mediterranean islands. This parade is an outburst of colours, with historical boats decorated in detail and characters dressed in period costumes.

After the Historical Parade, the competitive regattas begin with rowers of the four medieval marine republics: Venice, Pisa, Amalfi and Genova.
Besides the history and folklore importance of this festival, one should not forget that the Venice Regatta in September is the main event in the racing calendar of Venetian rowing, a discipline practiced only in the lagoon of Venice and the surrounding areas.

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